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Why are taurus so attracted to cancer

Taurus is strong Cancer men and Cancer women are both looking for a strong partner. In a.

Answer (1 of 3): Very basically, Very basically, Taurus and Cancer are very compatible, however you need to take in the entire chart of both people to tell how compatible they really are. The compatibility between Taurus and Cancer may be very strong and long-lasting. Their connection is often beyond just love or friendship. They tend to be attracted to each other and connect at a spiritual level as well. Their similar needs for stability in their lives make for a loving and consistent relationship.

Similarity A Taurus-Cancer person’s ability to resist temptation Distrust, suspicion, and cynicism are the Aries reaction to excesses of excitement. It is possible to govern and regulate one’s vital energy, to discipline one’s strength, and to recuperate.


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Aug 26, 2021 · Unsplash / Nastya Dulhiier. Taurus and Cancer have powerful sexual compatibility: they are strong, yet tender, in love and affection in the bedroom. A Taurus lover is sensual and a Cancer lover is in need of emotional closeness, so when they get together, sparks fly. The Taurus partner might get a bit stubborn at times..

1. Taurus is attracted to Libra as a kindred spirit. Both ruled by Venus, Taurus and Libra have a lot in common. These signs share an interest in everything that falls within Venus’ domain, including love, art, beauty, aesthetics, and money. This means that, on some level, a Taurus naturally feels like Libras get them.

The Taurus dating a Cancer is attracted by their simplicity and the intellect from the Taurean is breathtaking for the Crab. They both get hooked and cannot leave. A lot of gifts and flowers will be given and received between the love birds as their attraction for each other strengthens.

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